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"Best. Scrunchies. Ever."

- Kait G.

"I wish I knew about these sooner!"

- Alexis L.

"These are a blessing for my postpartum hair."

- April G.

"These don't cause any damage and feel so nice in my hair"

- Shaylee B.

"So soft and comfortable, so easy to pair with outfits, so worth it"

- Jessica C.


Believe me when I tell you that hard work goes into these. Each scrunchie is handled personally by women who *get it*. We understand what it's like and we want to provide you with the highest quality products that help you put your hair up, feel comfortable, and get through the day. Communicating with the small local shops we get our fabric from, cutting the fabric and brainstorming colors that coordinate, finding fabrics that promote healthy hair, and adding the last touches, to packaging your orders and shipping them off - It's what we love doing. We LOVE you!

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